BTS’s V Ranks The “Running Man” Members In Order Of Who Resembles Him The Most

Nobody understood his third choice.

BTS‘s V recently appeared on his favorite show, Running Man, and ranked the members in order of who resembled him the most.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On September 10, V appeared as a guest on the SBS variety show Running Man to promote his solo debut. He was dressed in a suit because he was told by the production team to come “dress liked a rich person. Comedian Yoo Jae Suk jokingly responded, “Taehyung, you’re just rich.

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In the episode, V revealed that he is a big fan of Running Man and said it’s the only show he watches, especially while eating. The Running Man members jokingly responded that they had been “eating buddies” with V all this time—without even knowing.

V, who is known for his golden ratio face, was asked to rank the Running Man members based on how closely they resembled him based on their side profile.

The members and V looking at what is supposedly the “Golden Ratio” | SBS

V chose Song Ji Hyo as the person who resembled him the most.

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He ranked Kim Jong Kook as second.


When the other members protested V’s second choice, V gave an explanation.

His nose is really pretty. Plus, he looked even more handsome during his X-Man days.

— V


17 years ago, Kim Jong Kook was on the SBS variety program X-Man.

Kim Jong Kook on “X-Man” | SBS

V then chose Yoo Jae Suk as the third member who resembles him, causing everyone to go into a frenzy. V clarified that it wasn’t based on the front profile but the side profile, which made everyone laugh.


V played a game with the members and at the end of the show, he expressed his joy of coming on the show and stated that he had “checked off one item from [his] bucket list.

On September 8, V released his first solo album Layover with the music video for its title track, “Slow Dancing.”

Source: SBS NOW and Tenasia