BTS V’s Reaction To Not Being Able To Dance During The “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert Showcases His True Personality

The other members were there to support him!

Since debuting in 2013, the members of BTS have been working hard for ARMYs to put on the best shows, release the most iconic music, and interact with fans globally. After so many years of intense schedules, it isn’t surprising that injuries happen.

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In October 2021, BTS’s V was injured before the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert. The decision was then made that V would sit out of the choreography and participate from a seat. Despite his injury, V got praised for putting his 100% into the show.



The idol even went on Weverse to apologize for being unable to participate fully in the show.

I will come back even cooler. You guys bought expensive tickets, so I’m sorry I wasn’t able to sufficiently show (a good performance).


| Weverse

In new behind-the-scenes footage, it shows the extent of V’s injury, and the idol’s true personality and work ethic were on show.

During the clip, staff explained that after having an x-ray, V’s results seemed okay, but his muscles were strained, which can be dangerous for any idol. Even V explained that the injury would probably be worsened with any movement that is too much.

Considering the seriousness of the injury, it wasn’t surprising that the members of staff agreed that it would probably be best for V to remain seated for the duration of the concert.

Yet, even though V was aware of the risks, the idol showcased just how much he loves ARMYs with his response. With not long to go, V asked, “Couldn’t I still go through the movements during the rehearsals?” As expected, V didn’t want to let BTS and fans down, so he wanted to be prepared in case his injury improved.

Of course, along with the staff recommending against this, even the members knew that practicing wouldn’t be the best for V. In particular, as one of the group’s main dancers, Jimin shared his thoughts.

I think it’d be worse if we put out a notice and you danced softly on stage. If you’re in so much pain that we need to send out a notice, it’s better you just rest.

— Jimin

Once again, V tried to make excuses to be able to dance by saying, “I was fine in rehearsals yesterday.” As true professionals, the BTS members and staff saw right through V’s explanation. They explained that there would be more performances, and it wasn’t worth risking V’s health even more.

Even on the day of the concert, despite being injured and being unavoidable, V continued to apologize to ARMYs.

I was working so hard to prepare for the concert. But not dancing and having to sit down today makes me feel angry and kind of sad but I am trying to stay positive.

— V

Luckily, even the members were on hand to ensure that V’s staying positive. In particular, fellow member Jimin was always there for V and even joked that he would carry V on his back so he didn’t get injured even more.

As always, V proves that his desire to put on the best shows for ARMYs and not let his members down mean more than his own health. Luckily, the rest seemed to have worked and V was quickly back on his feet and performing in front of sold-out crowds during the America tour in December.

You can read more about the injury and netizens praising V below.

BTS’s V Apologizes For His Injury And Not Being Able To Dance At Their Concert But Fans Are Prouder Than Ever

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