BTS’s V Was The Real MVP In The Latest “Run BTS!” Episode

V totally hard-carried this one.

In episode 128 of Run BTS! the boys held a Hello 2021 special where they played three games on an individual level. According to the result of the game, they received penalties from a game of chance.

For all three games (liar game, harmonica game, and red light green light), V took the spotlight by bringing laughter to everyone as he participated actively in the games.

During the harmonica game, V played “Zero O’Clock” and had the members falling over with laughter with his sincere attitude while playing the song.

V, who seemed to know what the answer was, couldn’t seem to remember the title of the song. He asked J-Hope for help and pleaded that he not take his answer. Realizing that V was correct, J-Hope doesn’t hesitate to use it, making V furious that his chance was taken from him!

V couldn’t help but plant a huge kiss on Jin‘s cheek during the Red Light Green Light game, bringing both chaos and surprise to the game!

As V tried to dash back to the starting line, Jin wouldn’t let that happen as he ended up grabbing V’s head, blocking his path!

For the last egg penalty game with RM, V ended up smashing the egg, thus ending the episode altogether!

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I think we all agree with J-Hope that V was a true MVP for this episode!

| Weverse

Let’s take another look at a compilation of V’s MVP moments because it deserves another watch!