“It Was The Toughest Time…” BTS’s V Reveals Why He Really Cried During The “2018 MAMA Awards”

2018 was a tough year for V as he suffered burnout!

BTS‘s V honestly shared the real reason he cried during the 2018 MAMA Awards and the struggles of burnout he faced that year.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On September 11, V appeared on Suchwita with member Suga and while they joked about many things, the two idols also spoke about their past.

In particular, one moment where V really wore his heart on his sleeve was during the 2018 MAMA Awards. As expected, the members won five awards, and it was a huge day for the group and ARMYs.

Yet, it was also emotional. During their speech, Jin mentioned the hardships the group went through. As he mentioned the word, “Disbandment,” V burst into tears along with some of the other members. Of course, the other members were there to comfort the idol, but it was truly an emotional time for the group.



During the show, V revealed that he had never told anyone about the reason he cried so much, adding, “People don’t know why we were having such a hard time or why we were struggling so much.”

Suga acknowledged that, at the time, all the members were physically and mentally exhausted. While they always tried their best, there were many moments when the group just felt burnout from everything. In particular, Suga revealed that that moment hit V the most and impacted him.

V explained that after some time, he started comparing himself to others, especially when it came to his thoughts or slower pace.

In particular, V added that he would look at the members during the performances and not understand how they could be so perfect and enjoy the stage. V revealed that he would often think, “But why am I the only one like this?” especially considering all the members were exhausted.

V knew that his burnout was severe, but the members still had to perform.

Suga even pointed out how much was going on for the group during this time, and the number of huge accomplishments they achieved, from performances to awards.

Through all these schedules, V admitted that the negativity he felt built up and the exhaustion took over.

While 2018 was a tough year for V, the idol explained that those experiences just helped him in the future, and now he’s healthier than ever.

While BTS seem to be living their best lives, they continue to showcase the harsh reality of being a K-Pop idol, especially at a time when they were gaining global popularity.



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