BTS’s V Makes History With The Record For The Shortest Weverse Live Broadcast — All Because He Wanted To Test The Platform

It didn’t even last two minutes! 😂

When it comes to the perfect ways to communicate with fans, netizens are always very lucky with various social media platforms. In particular, one of the most-loved ways of communication is through live broadcasts, and BTS is no different.

Over the years, they have loved sharing their lives with fans, and now it’s moved to Weverse, it isn’t any different.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Since the group moved their live broadcasts to Weverse, the members have all had very long sessions just chatting to ARMYs about their lives, what they’ve been doing, and joking with others.

Recently, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when the notification (for many) appeared to say that member V was starting a live broadcast.


From the title “?” to the odd feature image, nobody knew what the broadcast was going to be about.

The thumbnail and title for V’s broadcast | Weverse

At first, V didn’t seem to be doing anything aside from listening to some jazz music and showcasing his dazzling visuals.

| Weverse 

He then started smiling shyly, adding, “Oh, it’s working.” After basically killing everyone with his visuals, the idol seemed to be immersed again in the music in the background.

| Weverse 

| Weverse 

Yet, it seems like there was a real reason for starting the live and it made ARMYs laugh. V started by explaining that usually when they do live streams, there is always someone with them.

If I want to do a live stream, a company employee has to come in but…

— V

| Weverse 

V then explained that, like most people, he had noticed that Weverse had an update after going on his phone. The idol then explained that after seeing it, he wanted to ensure that it worked.

The live button on [my phone] got updated so I tried it out… It works.

— V

| Weverse 

After a few seconds of just smiling and being cute, V explained that he was just doing a test…

| Weverse 

Then waved before switching the broadcast off after only one minute and 34 seconds.

| Weverse 

When the broadcast finished, ARMYs rushed onto social media to share their own excitement about actually managing to catch the broadcast and how hilarious V was being.

Many also joked that, after Jin set the record for the longest live broadcast when he celebrated RM‘s birthday during an abroad schedule, V has set the record for the shortest ever broadcast. Considering how different the two lengths were, it shows just how iconic the members of BTS are.

After leaving the broadcast, an ARMY asked him on Weverse whether he was actually testing the app, and V replied, “I’m trying and clicking on everything.”

| Weverse

Although it might have been short, ARMYs loved that V decided to turn on Weverse just to chat with fans, even if it was just to test to see if the application was working after the update. Like many people, BTS is still getting used to doing live broadcasts on Weverse and the idol was doing a service to ARMYs by testing it.

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