BTS’s V Reveals He’s Currently Filming And Gave A Quick Teaser About What To Expect

He revealed the purpose behind the shoot!

BTS‘s V just revealed that he’s currently in the middle of a shoot for something juicy to come! As always, V was on Weverse during his little free time to talk and play with his ARMYs.

While debating what game to play with his fans next, he surprised everyone by revealing that he’s actually at a shoot right now! He wrote, “I don’t have wifi right now to download the game cause I’m at a filming studio.”

His small statement had the whole fandom in a frenzy as they burst with curiosity about what he could be filming/shooting! When a fan directly asked him, “I wonder what kind of shoot it is…?” He gave a small teaser!

He revealed that he was shooting something (perhaps by himself or with the rest of the group) for ARMYs! He claimed that there would be no reason to shoot if it wasn’t for his fans to see!

It’s probably a shoot that ARMYs will see one day, right..? There’s no reason for us to shoot if it’s not thatㅋㅋ

— V

Imagine, Director V strolling around a studio as he prepares another delicious content for all of ARMYs to see!

Considering how BTS is constantly busy with overwhelming amount of schedules, many fans also left comments worried about his health.

V reassure them by responding, “Don’t ever worry if I get enough sleep. I sleep well~

What does V and BTS have in store for ARMYs next?! Only time will tell, but ARMYs all know it’s gunna be another big one!