BTS’s V Revived A Photographer’s Twitter Account That Had Been Asleep For Three Whole Years

Now ARMYs are marveling over the photographer’s beautiful work.

BTS‘s V, also known as the photography-loving “Vante”, often tweets his new favorite photographs from talented artists around the world, to share his hobby with ARMYs.


V’s latest interest was sparked by a photographer named Johannes Becker, whose astonishing pictures of Mother Earth must have captivated V’s eyes. V ended up tweeting Becker’s beautiful works…


… which, of course, blew up on Twitter. The photographer, whose Twitter account @was last updated in 2016, was summoned back to the platform when V mentioned his name. Becker retweeted V’s shoutout and replied in Korean, “Thanks!!!”


ARMYs noticed that Becker had been on a long hiatus from Twitter until V shared his works on BTS’s official Twitter feed.


When the cheeky folks of Twitter playfully poked fun at how quickly the photographer responded to BTS’s tweet…


… Becker was a good sport about it and admitted he was indeed excited to have his work reach V.


V tweeted several other artists too, all of whom responded to the tweets with enthusiasm and passion for the common interest that they share in photography.


Both photographers Alex Strohl and Callum Snape replied to V’s shoutouts with tweets appreciating his interest.


ARMYs are especially swooning over the most adorable interaction V had with Snape in a thread of tweets back and forth. When Snape suggested V visits Canada to witness the wildlife in person, V wholeheartedly invited the photographer to come shoot in Korea too!


Like so, V continues to amaze ARMYs with his endless passion for arts and photography. Fans look forward to seeing more of V’s recommendations and introductions to new artists and works on Twitter!


ICYDK, in the world of Twitter, there is an entire universe of pictures existing for V. Once ARMYs realized V’s love for landscape photography, they began tweeting breathtaking views from all over the globe to share with V and the rest of ARMYs. This collection of photos have become not only V’s treasure, but also ARMYs’ go-to place for finding peace, healing spirits, and appreciating nature. Hashtag #photosforvante will lead you straight down that rabbit hole!

Source: THEQOO