BTS’s V And RM May Be The Biggest Celebrities Ever, But They Still Want The Autograph Of Just One Special Person

“It’s my first time asking for someone’s autograph.”

BTS is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars around the world. They’ve broken records, become friends with the very people they looked up to while growing up, and lived the life of the rich and influential.

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Despite this, they’ve never lost their humility and humor. In the latest Run BTS! episode, they were all excited to meet famous chef Baek Jong Won.

Dubbed “the godfather of Korean cooking”, Chef Jong Won judged the “K-Ham” dishes that the two teams made based on his considerable experience. He’s known for starring in shows like Baek Jong Won’s Top 3, Baek Jong Won’s Food Truck, and Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant.

Baek Jong Won (Center) | SBS

It was halfway through the episode when V turned his back on his team’s dish and changed the topic. He told the chef that his mom was a huge fan!

Mr Baek, as the ham cooks, [may I just say] my mom learned how to cook with your shows.

— V

With full sincerity, he politely asked for his autograph!

So, could you please give me your autograph when we’re done?

— V

The other members immediately burst out laughing at the unexpected turn of his words. The chef himself was dumbfounded that such a huge celebrity wanted his signature.

You want me to give you my autograph? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

— Baek Jong Won

RM took the opportunity to interject that his mom, too, wanted Chef Jong Won’s autograph! In fact, according to the leader himself, it was the first time he really wanted one from another person.

Mr. Baek, I also want one. It’s my first time asking for someone’s autograph.

— RM

RM wanted the autograph so badly, it was never an option for him to leave the set empty-handed.

My mom told me not to come back home without your autograph.

— RM

Even V wanted Chef Jong Won’s signature more than any other celebrity he’s met!

I’m sorry, I’m asking for someone’s autograph for the first time.

— V

For more cooking misadventures, check out the full video below.

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