BTS V’s School Friends Send Him Off As He Enlists In The Military

They’ve been friends for many years!

BTS‘s V and RM enlisted on December 11 for their mandatory military service. Their fellow members, including Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, who are currently serving, sent them off.

From left: Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | @bts_twt/X

Yet, their friends also came to see them off too. V’s close friends from school sent him off and shared pictures from the day, including a posed group picture and one of V leaving.

Have a safe service, my buddy🫡
The confidence in his walk.

— @gini_p_a_r_k/Instagram


One of the friends shared a photo of a maskless V with no hat, showing off his bald head in all its glory! He added a laughing emoji and a message to V.

| @gini_p_a_r_k/Instagram

Have a safe trip. Don’t get sick and make sure to not get hurt

— @gini_p_a_r_k/Instagram

Recently, V shared photos with his school friends. They hung out and visited a photobooth ahead of his enlistment.

| @thv/Instagram

They’ve been friends for so many years now. V’s friends have supported him and been by his side since pre-debut!

Still, they’re not the only friends that saw V off as he enlisted. His Wooga Squad besties also shared a photo. Read more below.

“Wooga Squad” Besties Bid Farewell To BTS’s V As He Enlists In The Military