Here’s Why BTS’s V Believes His New Invitation-Only Credit Card Was Destined To Be His

The card references a VERY special date 👀

BTS‘s V and his new credit card were meant to be!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

V recently tweeted a photo of the front of his new Hyundai credit card called the Black. Everyone who has this credit card received a personal invitation. After they received their invitation, it’s rumored that they were screened by 8 Hyundai executive-level officers before they can finally receive the Black card.

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Currently, there are no official reports about the credit card’s selection process, but it’s rumored that people with a net worth of at least $16 million USD and who spend at least $120,000 USD per year are eligible to be invited to apply for the Black card.

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Hyundai recently released the third edition of the Black card, and V scored one of these invitation-only cards! Only 1,000 of these were printed, so the card is very exclusive.

| @hyundaicard/Instagram

V recently shared a photo of his Black card on Twitter, along with a cute selfie with his dog, Yeontan.

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V shared a photo of his card in a since-deleted tweet to show ARMYs that he had gotten the 613th card of the available 1,000 cards. His actual credit card number and security code weren’t visible in the photo, but he deleted the photo just in case. After he deleted the photo, he tweeted again to say that he and the number 0613 were meant to be.

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BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, so V felt as if he was meant to get that particular card since it matched his debut date of 06.13.13.

| Insider

ARMYs were quick to catch on to the card’s special meaning and totally agreed that the card was meant for V!

Source: SCMP


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