BTS’s V Sells Out Expensive Wine In 5 Minutes But Not The One Expected

ARMYs had to get creative to get a taste of the wine.

Posting his first selfie since 2019, BTS‘s V took over Twitter trends with a photo of himself enjoying some wine in his photo gallery. As soon as fans caught a glimpse of the wine’s bottle, V wasn’t the only one enjoying the pricey wine.

V | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Although the 2001 Château Margaux that V owns costs over $600 USD and reaches as high as $2,350 USD, fans wanted to get their hands on the brand’s wine so badly they bought the next best thing.

Since the 2001 vintage was so pricey and rare, fans found the 1992 vintage that averages around $400 USD.

1992 Chateau Margaux | VINS & MILLÉSIMES

In five minutes, so many ARMYs got their hands on the 1992 Château Margaux that it immediately sold out.

With V, all it takes is a selfie for him to sell out an item. And if you couldn’t get your hands on the 1992 vintage, there’s said to be bottles of the 2001 one remaining—for over triple the price.