BTS’s V Shows Support For His Friend Moonbok And LIMITLESS

He cheered on LIMITLESS with a special “good luck” gift.

BTS‘s V is the kind of friend everyone needs: a friend who will cheer you on and support your dreams.


On July 9, LIMITLESS made their debut with their album Dreamplay. This 4-member boy group includes one of V’s longtime friends, Moonbok (Jang Moon Bok).


V and Moonbok met in the restroom of their high school. In an interview, Moonbok said that V approached him first. V told Moonbok that he enjoyed watching his performances on Superstar K, and the two ended up becoming good friendsAfter V became a Big Hit Entertainment trainee, they saw less of each other, but they still make time to go out for meals once in a while.


One time, V and Moonbok even trolled fans by pretending that Moonbok was a mysterious girl V was on a date with!


V supported Moonbok through his days on Produce 101, and he’s still cheering him on now. He sent these good luck flowers to LIMITLESS to congratulate them on their debut and to wish them success in the future.


These talented rookies deserve all the best!