Fans Worry Over BTS V’s Health After Noticing This From His Latest Performance

“He needs to be protected.”

ARMYs are concerned over BTS V‘s health after noticing one small aspect of his latest performance on M Countdown.


Eagle-eyed fans noticed that V’s hands were shaking uncontrollably at the end of their “IDOL” performance.


Fans worried that V was being overworked, which led to his hands shaking as a symptom of exhaustion.

  • “Omg he must be so tired…”
  • “Taetae is just a baby ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He needs to be protected ㅠㅠ”
  • “Wow if I was running on no sleep, my facial expression would be screaming with death and frustration. I’m so impressed…”
  • “The choreography looks so damn hard. I’m worried for their health ㅜ”


Fans noticed that BTS members have been running on no sleep for 24 hours as they rush from schedule to schedule during their “IDOL” promotions.

  • “V Live – Early morning pre-recording – Morning pre-recording – Soribada Awards rehearsal – M Countdown live recording – Soribada performance. He was literally running on no sleep for 24 hours… But he didn’t show his tiredness on stage once.”
  • “I wish they could rest more. I’m an ARMY, and my heart breaks for them;;; Celebrities are humans too. How can you run schedules for 24 hours straight with a world tour starting soon that’ll run until the end of the year. I’m so thankful for their sacrifice for the fans, but I hate seeing them hurt ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “I heard he was sick during the rehearsal. It pains me to hear that ㅜ”


Others noted how BTS sacrificed their vacation time before they set off on their world tour, just so they could spend more time with their fans. Although their generosity touched the hearts of ARMYs, they worry it may cause health issues during their world tour.

  • “They were actually supposed to take a week off before their world tour started, but they decided to give up their vacation time to run a week of promotions for the fans. They’ll be going on their world tour from now until February 2019. They’ll only have time to rest while they’re moving from country to country. I’m so worried for them…”
  • “I was excited for their world tour but after seeing his hands shaking so much, my heart started shaking from his world tour schedule;;; You can at least find time to rest during a music show recording. The amount of energy needed for a concert tour is on a whole other level… I’m scared…”


BTS is set to continue on their “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour until 2019, where they will be visiting multiple cities all across the globe.


Although the fans worry for V’s health, they thanked him for always doing his best to create legendary performances as he had done on M Countdown.

  • “He just made legend with his performance though.”
  • “He only looked excited and energized on stage, I’m so impressed ~~~ I love IDOL!”
  • “I’m not a fan but my heart broke after I saw his performance. I have so much respect, and I’ve become a fan. Is that even possible ㅜㅜㅜ His dedication is crazy and his gazes are the death of me.”
  • “He’s got the mentality of a professional.”
  • “There’s a reason why BTS is soaring so high. Keep flying high, BTS!!”
Source: Nate Pann