BTS V Shed A Tear While Singing “The Truth Untold”, Melts Fans’ Hearts

“Today it seemed like he let a tear go.”

BTS’ V was seen shedding a tear during the group’s concert and melted the hearts of fans watching.


The touching moment occurred during BTS’ performance of “The Truth Untold” at their Love Yourself Tour concert in Newark on September 29.


It was not only fans that noticed this sweet moment. Billboard’s K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin even shared a post on Twitter, mentioning that he noticed V being emotional during that day and stating his support for the idol.


#Taehyung, V’s name, has since been trending #1 on the Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia trends.


Meanwhile, fans have also been sympathizing with and showing their support the idol, hoping that nothing serious was going on.

Source: Segye Ilbo