BTS’s V Has The Cutest Reason For Going Shy At The Airport On His Way To CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

V at any airport is always iconic!

It was recently announced that BTS‘s V was one of the Korean stars invited to Paris, France, for the upcoming CELINE S/S 2023 Menswear Collection show during Paris Fashion Week. Of course, ARMYs were extremely excited as it seemed like destiny from the very beginning.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Of course, a trip to Paris meant one thing… airport pictures! On June 24 (KST), V made his way to the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center to get on a private jet. Unsurprisingly, the idol looked very handsome as he channeled his inner model.

Although V definitely sent the internet into a breakdown with his sexiness, he also managed to melt their hearts when he got really shy as he was walking toward the fans and media.

One of the things that stood out most to ARMYs waiting for V was his dazzling outfit, including a white vest and printed shirt. It was perfect for the wear and literally turned the airway into a runway.

Yet, of course, one thing that can always cause some chaos is the weather and even though the sun seemed to be shining, it didn’t stop the wind from greeting V as he got out of the car. At first, V tried to shrug it off and continue showcasing his model walk.

It then seemed like the wind wanted to have more fun and so blew even harder so that one of the sleeves on V’s shirt fell down, revealing his broad shoulders. V managed to get it under control and lift the sleeve back up swiftly.

Even though V seemed cool, calm, and collected, after walking a few meters, reality hit, and the idol suddenly got very shy. He then seemed to cover his face with his hands as he carried on walking, and it was definitely very adorable.

Like a true professional, V quickly composed himself and treated netizens and the media to some very handsome poses that truly cemented the reason he was invited by CELINE.

When the videos were shared, ARMYs rightly couldn’t stop sharing their reactions to this adorable moment from V, with some joking about the pure duality of the idol.

One Korean outlet even made ARMYs laugh by jokingly calling the wardrobe malfunction a “Gift from the wind.”

For many ARMYs, it is unreal how V can go from extremely sexy to adorable and then back to hot AF in the space of a few seconds. In the past, he has cemented himself as the “King of Duality” and this time was no exception.

You can read more about BTS’s V making headlines for his airport arrival below.

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Source: Newsen and SBS