Fans Can’t Help But Smile At BTS’s V Singing During Military Graduation Ceremony

He’s always gonna be our winter bear.

Recently, BTS’s RM and V were spotted at the military graduation ceremony among the only six elite graduate trainees recognized for their expectational performance!

A family member of another soldier attending the basic military training graduation ceremony, posted a video online of V singing along to the military song.

Taehyung singing the army song
I’m sorry for the terrible quality, I was shaking so hard
Sharing anyway because Taehyung is so cute
(Thank you @apple1230g for helping me blur out the others)

Below is the “Army Song (1951)” that V was singing along to in the video!

Army song | theqoo

K-Netizens that saw the video couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was even in the military.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Why is a baby in the military? So freaking cute.”
  • “Wait..why is he so adorable.”
  • “So cute.”
  • “Why is he so cute!”
  • “That one part in the song is truly the song’s highlight. I was so curious about the part I had to look at the sheet music.”
  • “So cute.”
  • “He’s so cute?”

Meanwhile, find out the requirements needed to graduate as an elite trainee below!

BTS’s RM And V Graduate As Elite Military Trainees— Here Are The Requirements To Be Chosen

Source: theqoo