BTS’s V Reveals He Was Tipsy When He Wrote “Snow Flower”—And He Finished It In Just 3 Hours

He’s a genius, alright!

BTS‘s V just reminded everyone that he’s a genius at songwriting!


Last December 24, 2020, V dropped a surprise song called “Snow Flower” featuring Peakboy. It’s an emotional, heartwarming ballad that shows off his sentimental side and honey-like voice.

V explained that the meaning behind the song is deeper than fans may initially think. Rather than snowflakes, he wrote about crushed flowers being covered in snow.

You might think ‘Snow Flower’ is about a type of snowflake, but I was actually thinking about snow and flowers separately. I started hoping that flowers wouldn’t wither away and just keep on blooming on snowy days. But in reality, when it snowed, all the flowers were crushed, the world became blanketed in snow, and I felt like the flower buds turned into snow flowers. I wrote that song about how I felt after watching that happen.

— V

Amazingly, this meaningful track actually had a carefree beginning! V revealed on Weverse Magazine that it was a spontaneous decision to write “Snow Flower.” While he was out with his friends, they all shared their desire to make a song together, and they realized that that very moment was the best time to start doing so.

For that song, when I was drinking with some older musicians, we were talking about doing a song together, and then we were like, ‘Well, do you think we’ll have time to do that?’ So we decided to do it right then since everyone was available.

— V

Since he could not share his mixtape with ARMYs just yet, he decided that the next best thing was to release a new song. It coincided perfectly with Christmas, making it even more special than usual.

My mixtape was delayed, so I at least wanted to play a different song for ARMY.

— V


And the amazing part? He wrote it while tipsy—and finished it in an incredibly short three hours!

I thought, since I’m a bit tipsy (laughs), I thought I should try writing something. So I made the song really quickly. Maybe in three hours.

— V

That’s what you call a naturally gifted songwriter!

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out V’s masterpiece below.

Source: Weverse Magazine