BTS’s V Is So Talented That He Immediately Mastered Something Most Beginner Trumpet Players Struggle With

He’s so talented!

BTS‘s V is a talented musician, and he recently added playing the trumpet to his list of talents.

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

In the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, V gave viewers a glimpse into his trumpet lessons.

| BTS/Weverse

During the lesson he had while filming In the SOOP, V practiced sustaining notes and transitioning from one note to another. Although he’s still a beginner trumpet player, he mastered these skills quickly. He showed his true talent for the trumpet when his teacher asked him to sustain a note for 3 seconds, and he went above and beyond by holding the note for a total of 17 seconds.

During an interview with the staff about his trumpet playing, V was asked how good his trumpet skills were.

He proudly said that he can play the notes C, D, E, F, and G, which means he can already produce a large number of sounds with his trumpet.

V explained that most trumpet learners “can’t even make a sound at first,” but he was able to produce sounds with his trumpet right away. Clearly, he’s got a natural talent for trumpet playing!

He was surprised that he was able to make sounds when he first started playing the trumpet because the trumpet is so different from the saxophone, which he also once played.

Although we only got a short glimpse of V’s trumpet playing, ARMYs are already beyond impressed with his skills.