BTS’s V Plans A Special Date With Fans For His Upcoming OST Release For “Itaewon Class”

Weverse better get their servers checked!

BTS V‘s solo OST track for the latest hit drama series, Itaewon Class, is about to drops today and he’s got a special plan to celebrate with his fans!

A fan left on comment on Weverse predicting that they will probably be unable to focus once the OST drops. And V surprised everyone by announcing his own plans for the release date!

He suggested a date with the fans where they all listen to the song as soon as it releases and then come back to Weverse to talk about it together!

Fan: “What if I can’t focus while watching Itaewon Class when your OST plays? What am I going to do?”

V: “I think I’ll listen to the song once as soon as it’s 6pm, come on Weverse to see the reviews, and that’ll decide my mood for tomorrow. What do you think?”


Weverse better get prepared because V will be on Weverse as soon as his OST drops and a hoard of ARMYs will soon follow!

V even left a cryptic yet adorable spoiler for his upcoming song! He wrote, “HueueueHuehuehuehehuehuehue (It’s a spoiler) I trust you’ll interpret it well~

V’s OST track is titled, “Sweet Night” (which may have a hidden meaning behind it). It’s V’s first solo OST track for a drama series, and he not only sang the song but composed and produced it himself!

He previously confessed that he was a big fan of the webtoon and drama, and was so happy to be participating in the project.

I first saw Itaewon Class as a webtoon, and I remember having fun and learning lessons while reading it. Park Se Ro’s character especially left a lasting impression on me. I’m so happy that my favorite friend-like-hyung played the role of Park Se Ro.

I’m very thankful that I was able to participate as a singer-songwriter for this amazing drama. I hope many people enjoy it.

— V 

“Sweet Night” drops tonight (March 13) at 6pm KST! Set your alarms for a date with V!

Source: Newsen