“Rival Brand Ambassadors Finally Meeting…” ARMYs React To BTS V’s Special Guest At The “Music Bank” Recording

“How do they know each other?!” 😂

A special guest joined BTS’s V during his recording of Music Bank, and netizens had the funniest reaction to the interactions.

On September 15, BTS’s V performed on Music Bank.


The performance was pre-recorded and like all Music Bank performances, idols attending were recorded through their entrance. Yet, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when media outlets showed fellow member Jimin entering the studio, and ARMYs knew he was there to support V.

Fans who were at the pre-recording made sure to share cute and funny anecdotes between the idols, as they wouldn’t be shown through the broadcast.

After the show ended, it was even cuter to see Jimin and V leaving together. Considering that V was later leaving for Jimin, the interactions truly showcased their friendship and left ARMYs soft.

Before going their separate ways, the two had a hug, and it was a heartwarming moment for ARMYs.

Of course, the photos of the two leaving were equally as adorable.

When the video was shared, netizens had the funniest reactions. Although some just found it very cute, most ARMYs had more iconic reactions, joking about rival brand ambassadors meeting or how shocked they were that soloist V and soloist Jimin knew each other.

Whenever a member of BTS does a music show, another member has always been there to support them, and it showcases just how close they all are as a group.

Source: Korea DISPATCH


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