BTS’s V May Have Spoiled “Yet To Come” Way Back In 2020

Have they been planning this for years? 😯

Now that BTS has announced their new title track “Yet to Come,” ARMY is noticing that the members may have been hinting that they would be returning to the HYYH era (also known as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era) for quite some time now!

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The HYYH era, which began with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1, focuses on the story of seven friends whose fates are intertwined. The story’s lore stretches not only over BTS’s music videos but also the Save Me Webtoon, The Notes companion novels, the BTS Universe Story mobile game, and even an upcoming K-Drama, Youth.


ARMY not only has a soft spot for the music BTS released during the HYYH era but also loves doing deep dives into BTS’s lore to find clues and figure out what’s going to happen next in the BTS universe. This era gave fans the opportunity to not only get lost in BTS’s music but to also explore a whole new world, so it’s hard for many ARMYs to move on from the incredible HYYH era.


The BTS members tried to convince fans that the HYYH era was never coming back, but ARMY is starting to notice that they have been hinting at the return of this era for quite some time. In particular, RM seems to have been dropping hints that the HYYH era would be making a comeback.

Now, fans have noticed that V may have hinted at this era’s return all the way back in 2020!

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

In 2020, BTS released the film Break the Silence, and they also released their commentary on the film.

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During the commentary, Jin said he felt as if the movie had captured all of the most beautiful moments in his life.

V’s response to Jin’s statement has ARMY wondering if BTS was already planning “Yet to Come” back then. He said, “I think your most beautiful moment is yet to come.”

While nobody knows for sure yet if the members were planning “Yet to Come” years ago or not, we do know that the song is going to be a masterpiece! We can’t wait to finally hear “Yet to Come” and revisit the HYYH era!