BTS’s V Channeled His Inner “Squid Game” During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” And It Was All Because Of Jin

He went from participating to running the show!

Since their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour in LA, BTS has treated ARMYs to fantastic content and memories. Despite nearing the end of their time in the city, on the third night at SoFi stadium, the group continued to showcase their talent and personality on stage for ARMYs worldwide to see.

BTS after night 3 of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In particular, ARMYs were treated to a special surprise from none other than V! During the concert, the members have shone with their dazzling visuals and amazing on-stage outfits, but it seemed as if V wanted to try something new and showcase his known humorous side.

When the members went to change outfits during the show, including another cute hairstyle from Worldwide Handsome Jin, V came out dressed as a familiar character: the masked man from the Netflix K-Drama Squid Game.

BTS’s V | Winter of Strawverry

In particular, it seemed like V had a lot of fun with the outfit, and it allowed him to showcase his charisma and personality throughout the show. In particular, he had a LOT of fun dancing with the suit and mask on…

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Even though he hurt himself with his microphone, he still looked badass in the suit, attempting to spin it around.

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V eventually took off his mask and treated fans to his handsome face, but he still worked the outfit and had a whole lot of fun channeling his inner “masked man.”

 | @callv1230/ Twitter

When the show had finished, it was clear that V’s outfit had made an impact on those who hadn’t even been able to attend the concert. Within hours, terms including “Squid Game” and “Taehyung” were trending worldwide, with people not getting enough of V’s costume.

Yet, it isn’t the first time a member has made a Squid Game reference during the shows. On the second night (November 28), Jin referenced the creepy doll Younghee with his hairstyle… but obviously, it was more adorable than scary.

In a live broadcast with J-Hope after the show, V even revealed that Jin was the reason he chose to dress up as the character in the first place. V explained, “Jin hyung played Younghee, so I was inspired by it.


Even with the baggy red suit, V’s visuals were definitely on show and proved that he is a lot of fun! With the second series of Squid Game confirmed by the director and Netflix already rooting for Jin to appear, maybe V could be next!

You can read more about BTS’s Squid Game references below!

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