BTS V’s Gives His Tragic “Stigma” Story A Happy Ending 

“Stigma” was only the beginning.

Singularity,” “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” “Inner Child.” Every one of BTS V‘s solo songs tells a different story, and “Stigma” might be the most heartbreaking of all.

V acting in BTS’s “Stigma” short film. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

BTS released their WINGS album on October 10, 2016, but the WINGS era began a month earlier with a series of solo short films: “Begin” (Jungkook), “Lie” (Jimin), “Stigma” (V), “First Love” (Suga), “Reflection” (RM), “Mama” (J-Hope), and “Awake” (Jin).

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“Stigma” explores the tragic backstory of V’s fictional self in the BTS Universe. His character is arrested after he kills his abusive father to protect himself and his sister, played by actress Seo Eun Ah.

V and Seo Eun Ah | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Although the “Stigma” storyline is fictional, its raw emotion and anguish couldn’t be more real. In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, V discussed his solo songs, including his first, “Stigma.” V participated in writing the song’s lyrics and chorus.

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V’s lyrics express the growing pains of youth as well as a sense of frustration many young people experience. “I wanted to portray someone young,” he said. “still growing up, crying out in anguish—that feeling of wanting to thrash about and tell the world you’re tired and fed up.”

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“Stigma,” however, is just the first chapter in a story, and that story has a happy ending. V said, “the young person in ‘Stigma’ passed through ‘Singularity’ and ‘Inner Child’ and grew up.”

V performed “Inner Child” with child actor Lee Dam, who played V’s younger self. | @ssss3063/Instagram

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