BTS’s V Revealed His Recent Health Issues And ARMYs Rushed To His Aid

ARMYs reacted just like a doting mother!

BTS‘s V visited his fans on Weverse after he had trouble sleeping. He posted, “I want to go to sleep. Does anyone know how~~


One fan who was up studying thanked him for being up with them giving them strength to keep working hard. They wrote, “[Taehyung], why aren’t you sleeping?? What have you been doing?? I’m studying right nowㅜㅠ I’m so tired that I almost fell asleep but my Weverse alarm went off to wake me upㅠㅜㅠ I’m strengthened just by the fact that we’re awake at the same time.


And V responded with a completely unexpected answer by confessing that he’s been suffering from 3 stomatitises (similar to cold sores) inside his mouth. He asked the student if they knew of any good remedies, but he did so in the historic accents used in ancient times.

It’s because 3 stomatities that grew inside my mouth. Do you, lad, happen to know how to get rid of them?

— V


And ARMYs flooded Weverse with their own remedies to help their poor Taehyung and his minor health issue. One fan recommended a brand of ointment, “For stomatitis… [brand name]……… is a one-hit


V responded, “[Brand name].. ha it has been my close friend these days who’s always with me


Another fan suggested drinking milk, “I personally had good experience treating stomatitis by drinking milk. Also, I was in the middle of doing my makeup for work when I saw that Taehyung was awake, now I’m holding onto the phone wondering why Taehyung can’t sleep and worried about getting rid of that stomatitisㅠ.ㅠ


V took the suggestion to heart and he revealed that he’ll try it out.

Milk ha I thank you. I will keep milk close to me starting from this day forward.

— V


Despite the multitude of doting mother-like-ARMYs worried for him, V decided to play a round of game before going to sleep much like an adorable kid! But he made sure to invite all of the ARMYs who wished to join him!

I’m really going to sleep after playing just this one round. ARMY, come join me in the game that we played last time. The hidden channel name 19951230.

— V


How lucky and loved V must feel having such caring fans from all over the world?!