BTS’s V Might Just Have Confirmed A Future Sub-Unit Track With Jungkook, And Here’s The Undeniable Proof

It will be the best Christmas gift for ARMYs!

After years of ARMYs asking for a collaboration between the group’s youngest members, it seems as if BTS‘s V has pretty much confirmed that a subunit with fellow member Jungkook is definitely going to happen.

BTS’s V (left) and Jungkoom (right) | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On December 9 (KST), V took to Weverse to chat with some fans after returning from his trip to Hawaii. In particular, a piece of artwork stood out to him and made him reply, and it wasn’t surprising as the talented ARMY had drawn an amazing picture of V and Jungkook with the caption “Golden Hands.”

| Weverse

As a spectacular artist himself, V obviously admired the fan’s work. However, he also spilled some gossip that has excited fans as he replied, “More than that, I have to work on my Christmas song right now but isolation… I’ll see you next Christmas.”

| Weverse

Once V’s response was posted, ARMYs worldwide got extremely excited at the idea that V and Jungkook would be releasing a Christmas song. The term “Taekook subunit” even started trending worldwide, with fans sharing their thoughts on a possible subunit for their present.

However, it isn’t the first time during the past few weeks that V has given hints about a possible collaboration track with Jungkook!

While the members were performing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour in LA, V, Jungkook, and Jimin went live after the show to chat to fans.


During the broadcast, V was asking Jungkook questions about how his work was going, adding that he heard that the group’s maknae was going to be releasing a track around Christmas time. Looking at Jungkook’s reaction, it seems as if V maybe wasn’t supposed to share the information, and even Jimin didn’t seem to know about it.


Although that might not have been any spoiler, what V said after that seemed more suspicious at the time and now makes more sense. V explained, “Actually, on Christmas Eve, I am preparing to release a song.


If that wasn’t enough, V then nonchalantly added, “The thing we worked on together… We planned to release a song that’s similar to that on Christmas Eve.”


Hopefully, ARMYs will be gifted a Taekook song for Christmas, and it will definitely be one of the most beautiful things in the world! You can read about the duo being #friendshipgoals below.

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