BTS’s Suga And V Posted Their 1st Selfie In 3 Years — ARMY’s Going Bananas

ARMY is celebrating the end of the “Taegi” selfie drought.

As old Rose from Titantic would say, it’s been 84 years! Well, more like three, but three years is still an incredibly long time to wait for a “Taegi” selfie.

After surprising ARMY with a new installment of 06.13 FMBTS‘s Suga and posted their first selfie together since 2017. Here’s how fans are reacting!

1. Ending the drought

2. R.I.P 2017

3. Here come the tears

4. The moment has finally come

5. Time to celebrate!

6. No thoughts, just selcas

7. The Most Painful Moment in Life

8. Not caught in a lie

9. Go hospital plz?

10. They needed a little push…

11. Am I dead?

12. She’s free!

13. You can’t have it all

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