BTS’s V Proves He’s A True Supportive Bestie To Wooga Squad Member Park Hyung Sik

They are defo #bestfriendgoals!

Although it is such a huge industry, the Korean entertainment business can actually be seen as a small world. There are a lot of iconic friendships between actors, idols, and entertainers, and there is nothing netizens love more than when their favorites interact with each other.

One truly iconic friendship group is the Wooga Squad which includes BTS‘s V, Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Peakboy.

The members of the Wooga Squad | @bn_sj2013/ Instagram

In particular, Park Hyung Sik and V have a longstanding friendship dating back to the K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which they filmed with fellow Wooga Squad member Park Seo Joon…

The cast of Hwarang | @w2798ccc/ Instagram

And they’ve treated netizens to some iconic photos and interactions over the year that has cemented them as being #SquadGoals.

Park Hyung Sik (left) and V (right) | @phs1116/ Instagram

Recently, the duo has gained attention for being supportive besties. Park Hyung Sik is currently starring in K-Drama Soundtrack #1, where he plays a rookie photographer and his friend Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee), who develop romantic feelings after they start to live together.

On March 24, Park Hyung Sik posted some photos on his Instagram of himself and Han So Hee, sharing that the show was coming out on Disney+ on Wednesday and for fans to tune in.

Han So Hee (left) and Park Hyung Sik (right) | @phs1116/ Instagram

A few hours after the post was shared, netizens noticed a familiar face as BTS’s V commented, “Yes, I will,” explaining that he was definitely going to be tuning into his bestie’s K-Drama. If that wasn’t enough, Park Hyung Sik then replied, “Yes, go ahead,” and many noticed the comment was pinned.

When the interactions happened, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing Wooga Squad interactions in front of their eyes.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the duo has showcased how supportive they are of each other. When “ON” was released, he posted a picture of V…

When it was announced that V was singing the OST for the K-Drama Our Beloved Summer, featuring fellow Wooga Squad member Choi Woo Shik, he shared his love on Instagram.

Hopefully, it isn’t long before their interactions can move off social media and happen in real life. In the meantime, netizens will have to cope with these adorable crumbs.

You can read more about their iconic friendship below.

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Source: @phs1116