From The News Room To The Classroom, BTS’s V’s Popularity In India Continues to Soar

His superstardom just keeps on growing.

BTS member V was recently featured as part of a segment on a news broadcast in India, furthering his worldwide fame as both a BTS member and as an artist on his right.

On June 6, a news channel in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu broadcasted a story about BTS, sharing about the international popularity and success of the group, even comparing them to the likes of American musical legends such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana.

In the three-minute news piece about the group, the channel’s reporters shared how BTS has achieved both critical and popular success, evident through their many awards, achievements, and endless love and support for and from their fans.

Of note was what appeared to be an emphasis on V. In the video clips presented during the broadcast, all were focused almost entirely on V in close-ups of him from award ceremonies and concerts. Meanwhile, BTS’s group photo interestingly remained in the bottom right corner for the entire duration of the broadcast.

From “Jaya Plus News”

Even though K-Pop doesn’t have as strong of a musical or pop-culture presence in India as it does in other countries, BTS, specifically V, is at the forefront of changing that. This emphasis on V shows up in nearly every type of BTS media found in the country; by comparison to his members individually—and even to the group as a whole—V is featured or discussed at least twice as often. Last year, he was featured in a spread in The Aizawl Post, a daily newspaper centered in the Indian state of Aizawl. His iconic and much-loved phrase “I purple you” was even used by the Indian confectionery company Cadbury as part of their product promotions for the celebration Friendship Day.

From “The Aizawl Post”

In addition to being featured on the news and as part of advertisements, V is also being used in classrooms. At some Indian universities, students have shared how he has been used as examples in a variety of classes and subjects, including fashion design and music and video production.

V’s solo song “Stigma” recently rose to the top spot on India’s iTunes Top Song’s Chart; the highest place the song previously ever held was #16. His OST “Sweet Night” from the show Itaewon Class has also enjoyed considerable popular success. It’s anticipated that his popularity and influence—and that of all of BTS—in India will only continue to grow with time and that this is just a small taste of what’s to come.

Source: Star News