BTS’s V’s Solo Song “Inner Child” Achieves More International Success

The solo song continues its run as what critics call “BTS’s most successful solo song.”

BTS’s has achieved additional personal success with his solo song “Inner Child.” Released as part of BTS’s latest seventh studio album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 this past February, the song has risen in popularity with listeners, and especially on the charts.

As of the beginning of this month, “Inner Child” has charted #1 in 20 countries all over the world: South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Hungary, Peru, Chile, and Nicaragua. It now appears to have the momentum to take the top spot in Swaziland too. It has also been ranked as the #1 download on the online retail site Amazon.

Not only has “Inner Child” achieved commercial success, but it’s also received high critical praise too. The influential American online music database AllMusic, which catalogs and rates music of all genres from all countries, chose “Inner Child” as their only “Editor’s Pick” among all the solo songs on the album.

However, music critics were at first surprised by the different sound of V’s solo. They soon found the music style to be a unique way for V to create his own identity outside of the more hip-hop and EDM inspired sound that BTS has become known for.

V’s solo song “Inner Child” tried different musical ways, such as a Britpop style, to show his individual identiy and show a different type of music from the group’s usual sound.

—Music critic Seo Jeong Min-Gap

Other critics in various disciplines also praised the solo song, including when acclaimed culture critic Park Hee Ah chose V’s solo as the “best track of the album.”

Music production professionals continued the song’s acclaim. Vocal trainer Oh Ji Do and public broadcaster producer Lee Jae Ik also noted what they considered to be a positive creative change in music style.

I found V’s voice to be the most individuised in music since BIGBANG’s Taeyang’s voice and solo releases. After listening to “Inner Child,” I believe that V will continue to discover and hone his musical talent, and hope to see him continue to grow as an actor and also as a music performer.

—Lee Jae Ik

The lyrics of “Inner Child” tell a story about V’s own life and his childhood anxieties about growing up and what his future might hold. It’s a song he wrote to his younger self—his inner child—as a way to comfort the “young V” as he struggled through life and questioned his life’s direction. It’s now become a source of comfort to listeners as well, regardless of how they identify themselves. Many find it to carry a similar message that was found in BTS’s Love Yourself album series, furthering the feelings of endearment toward the song.

Congratulations to V on his achievement, and we wish him continued success in all his future endeavors!

Source: Star News