Everyone Is UWUing Hard Over How BTS’s V Took Care Of His “Younger Sister” During “ON” MV Filming

Is this what it’d feel like to have V as your older brother?

BTS released their making video to the cinematic MV for “ON”, where ARMYs got an exclusive look into the work each member put into their scenes.

Although each of the members had a pivotal scene in the music video, fans are falling hard for the bond between V and Rina Johnson who played his younger sister in the script.

Rina is an American actress who is also half-Japanese. She recently dished on how well V took care of her during their scenes.

And her stories proved evident from their behind-the-scenes clips of the music video! V first explained that he was filming with Rina, his “younger sister”.

V and Rina were seen smiling and bonding through their scenes together as they looked like true siblings!

Perhaps it’s because V really has a younger sister himself, but he took such good care of Rina as he played with her during their downtime!

And Rina stuck right by him as they bonded through their scenes and V’s caring personality!

“TaeTae is so caring and he loves kids”

“He’s such a good brother~~ I knew ever since he boxed and wrestled with his younger cousins… TaeTae is kind to his brothers… but he’s even more loving to his sisters….”

“He’s actually the oldest of his siblings so he takes care of them so well❤”

“I’ve fallen for V again after seeing how well he treats his younger co-star”

— Netizens

Get you an older brother who will care for you like V does for his younger sisters!

In case you live under a rock, check out BTS’s “ON” MV below:

Source: Xports News


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