Here’s The Heartwarming Reason That BTS’s V Couldn’t Stop Thanking Hawaiian ARMYs

They also gained love from fellow global ARMYs!💜

After BTS had a legendary time in America with their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows, making history at the 2021 American Music Awards, and more, the members are slowly making their way back to Korea.

On December 9, member V made his way to Korea back along with J-Hope, and the duo definitely made a statement in the airport with their unique fashion choices and dazzling visuals.

BTS’s V at Incheon Airport

Although the group is slowly making their way back, they are currently on an extended vacation after a very hectic few months for all the members. After Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin traveled home straight away, V and the other members enjoyed some time in America relaxing.

In particular, when an ARMY asked V what he was doing during his time off, he shared that he was spending time with his family and going on an adventure.

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Although the whereabouts of his adventure were unknown, ARMYs quickly found out after V returned to Korea and posted a heartfelt message to fans in this location.

In the post, V shared that he had been in Hawaii the whole time and went on to thank ARMYs from Hawaii for being considerate and not sharing his whereabouts on social media. He also added that he also had a very comfortable experience at the airport because of them.

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After sharing the thoughtful message, V then posted a picture of himself in a Hawaiian shirt to share that he had really been having the time of his life in Hawaii.

BTS’s V in Hawaii | Weverse

When the message was shared, fans worldwide couldn’t stop praising the fans in Hawaii for being so respectful towards V and giving him some privacy to enjoy some time with his family. In particular, after seeing the crowds and media that met V at the airport in Korea, it showed just how much the quiet and isolation must’ve meant to him.

V being followed by media at Incheon airport 

ARMYs from around the world then shared their own thoughts on this. They explained how appreciative they were that V and the other members in America were able to enjoy their vacation without people bothering them or sharing their whereabouts.

With the members still enjoying their vacation, whether quarantining or staying in America, it is nice to know that ARMYs worldwide are respecting their privacy. You can read more about V’s stylish return to Korea below.

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