BTS V’s Puppet Show Is Taking ARMY Back To 2013 

The nostalgia is strong in V’s new video.

Can a puppet show make you burst into tears? Before April 18, 2020, ARMYs might have said no. Now, it’s a different story.

Due to COVID-19, BTS haven’t seen their fans face to face lately, but they are finding ways to stay close with them from afar. Recently, BTS gave ARMY a virtual escape from reality with their BANG BANG CON concert marathon, and the members have been active on Twitter and Weverse. 

V has been especially active, posting sweet comments, photos, and video clips. On April 18, he shared this adorable clip of his tiger puppet dancing to “This View” by Surfaces.

The video was, no doubt, made to make ARMY smile, but some fans are getting emotional! Why? It’s reminding them of the lion toys V used to carry around during his rookie days.

On July 10, 2013, V filmed his first-ever solo log on BangtanTV, while holding this furry friend. In this log, V talks about being BTS’s hidden member, and how difficult that was for him at the time.

Even though fans couldn’t see him, V was at BTS’s pre-debut events, like Jungkook‘s graduation, and he couldn’t wait to meet ARMY face to face.

Now, the whole world knows V’s identity, and ARMY cherishes every moment with him. This “baby tiger” has come a long way since his first log, and BTS wouldn’t be the same without him!

Watch V’s first log here: