A Handsome AF TikTok User Is Going Viral For His Resemblance To BTS’s V

He even responded to comments about the resemblance.

When it comes to being a “Visual King,” BTS‘s V is always one of the idols at the top of netizens’ lists.

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Twitter

Since debuting, V has always gained attention for his unreal visuals and basically just being handsome AF.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

V also has this unreal aura when he gets on stage to perform, cementing himself as someone who catches the attention of everyone in the room.


Well, a TikTok user with the username @kylmendozza has recently been going viral online after ARMYs noticed a resemblance to BTS’s V.

Recently, many of the videos from Kyle’s TikTok account have gained attention from fans. In the comments of many of the videos, netizens couldn’t get over his resemblance to V, whether it was his features, aura, or just generally being handsome AF.

| @kylemendozza/TikTok
| @kylemendozza/TikTok
| @kylemendozza/TikTok 

Of course, the TikTok user noticed all of the comments and responded to one of them that had the statement, “You look like Taehyung of bts.” While the user wrote, “Who’s that?”

| @kylemendozza/TikTok 

The comments couldn’t get over his resemblance to V, particularly pointing out that his eyes seemed almost identical and even his mannerisms and expressions were similar.

Hilariously, it seems like he knows all about V and BTS because he did his own version of the “3D” challenge, tagging Jungkook and a user called @thv, which he probably assumed was V (just like on Instagram.)


well trying this one 🌙#fypシ #viral #JungKook in 🤍@JK @thv

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – BTS – BTS

Kyle has definitely caught the attention of ARMYs, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he continues to become a talking point amongst fans for his resemblance to V.

Source: @kylemendozza