BTS’s V Let Loose At Harry Styles’ Concert And Became A Total Vibe

V was feeling it and didn’t care who saw.

As hard as the members of BTS work, the boys deserved to let loose and have some fun at Harry Styles‘ Los Angeles, California concert. V was having such a great time that fans were loving his carefree vibe throughout the night.


V was feeling Harry Styles’ performance so much that his dance moves were a total vibe. Seeing the idol bounce from side to side, fans weren’t the only ones who noticed V enjoying himself.

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V’s dancing was such a mood that Jimin didn’t want to look elsewhere. V wasn’t alone in vibing to Harry Styles, either.

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Jimin couldn’t resist joining in as V and Lizzo lived their best lives, jamming out to the music.

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Even though V was enjoying himself, he couldn’t forget about the fans who’d also been at the concert and did more than wave to them.

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When Harry Styles sang a slower song, V sang to the lucky ARMYs that were standing right below him.

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Between his lively dancing and his carefree vibe, V had everyone loving every second of it.