BTS’s V Reveals The Toy He Wants Their McDonald’s Meal To Have, And We Want It Now

McDonald’s, take note for the future!

When it was first announced that BTS would be collaborating with McDonald’s, ARMY started speculating what would be included in the special meal sold worldwide. In particular, many fans wanted photocards. Although this didn’t come with the meal, the brand did release exclusive merchandise for the range.

The BTS’s members eating McDonald’s | @bts_bighit/Twitter

McDonald’s is known for its Happy Meals, and the big difference between this menu and the normal items is the special toy that comes in the special box. Unfortunately, BTS’s meal didn’t come with a gift, but it might be something they want to think about.

During a recent interview with Spout Podcast, host Erik Zachary asked if it could happen in the future, what the members would want a BTS toy to look like.

Many stars have collaborated with McDonald’s over the years and J-Hope pointed out that when artist Travis Scott released his meal in 2020, he had a number of items that fans were treated to, including an action figure.

It seemed as if V had the perfect idea for what a BTS meal should include, and it involved taking a trip down memory lane!

A long time ago, they used to give toys like cranes when you buy burgers. Yeah, it would be nice to release those kinds of toys again.

— V

As much as fans would love to get photocards with their meals, there is no denying that many would probably love a bit of nostalgia like V. If the members designed their own toy, it would probably be even better, and ARMY would definitely be out to collect them all, just like any regular photocard of McDonald’s toy!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Spout Podcast and FI