BTS’s V Reveals How The Track “Blue & Grey” Was A Way To Share His Emotions With ARMYs

It shows how close he feels to ARMYs.

Although many might see the world of K-Pop as full of glitz and glamor, it is an industry that can be tough and impact idols’ mental health and well-being. For many, they use the songs they write as an outlet to share their problems with fans.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS‘s V revealed that sharing his emotions was one of the key messages behind his solo track “Blue & Grey” from the group’s 2020 album BE.

BTS’s V during a performance of “Blue & Grey | MTV/ YouTube 

Interviewer Myungseok Kang explained that “Blue & Grey” was a track written during a hard time for V and added that it had become a song that has allowed him to empathize with others and vice versa. V explained that it was a way of sharing his emotions with ARMYs, who he said feel like friends to him! 

I just wanted the song to let people know how I was feeling and how we were feeling, at that time, a little better. Obviously, everyone was having a hard time, but I think I wanted to share those emotions with ARMY as-is, including the pains we went through in our growth process.

— V

Yet, despite the song being so close to V, he added that he didn’t mind if it was forgotten. He was just happy that he was able to share it with ARMYs in the first place, so they knew how he was feeling at the time.

To put it another way, I think I just felt like making it obvious. I thought it was okay to be that obvious, seeing as I couldn’t put those feelings into words. I just hope people could understand how I was feeling; it’s okay if it becomes forgotten later on.

— V

| Weverse Magazine

They then spoke about the message behind the song’s lyrics and, particularly, the first line of the song, “Where is my angel?

Myungseok Kang explained that, in the BE-hind Story interview on YouTube, V explained that he shut his eyes and wished for an angel to come and think when he had any kind of issue. Yet, for V, this line wasn’t about religion but a comfort source when faced with decisions, no matter how big or small.

Whenever I have some kind of issue, I close my eyes and think about it. Is this right, the way I’m thinking about this, or not? They’re just yes or no questions, like, Does my outfit look good today? Instead of just worrying about what you should do, if you tackle it in the form of a question, you get a response with the answer.

— V

There is no denying that the lyrics to the song mean so much to a lot of ARMYs and, to know that it came from V’s heart and was a way of sharing his emotions with fans means even more. You can watch a live performance of the track below.


Source: Weverse and FI