BTS’s V Shocks Netizens With A Dramatic Transformation Of His Physique After Revealing His New Six-Pack In The “ELLE Korea” Photoshoot

“It’s the end of ‘Baby Tummy’ era!”

BTS‘s V might be the most wholesome and cutest person in the world, but when it comes to his physique, it’s a completely different story.

BTS’s V and his physique | DICON

Despite being a ray of sunshine, V has always gained attention for his muscular physique. While it might be to do with his home gym, the idol always jokes that he doesn’t work out compared to his members.

Well, it seems like V’s muscles are more than just in his arms…

BTS’s V has become a hot topic after teasers of the idol’s editorial in ELLE Korea were shared. The internet was shook AF by the idol’s unreal visuals, and he really channeled his inner “Hollywood Actor” in the photos.

V’s ELLE Korea photoshoot | ELLE Korea
| ELLE Korea
| ELLE Korea

While some cuts were posted, the magazine has just been released, and netizens have been sharing scans and photos from the full-length pictorial.

| ELLE Korea

In particular, V shocked ARMYs worldwide when he revealed his sexiness in more exposing photos, revealing the idol’s six-pack abs.

| ELLE Korea
| ELLE Korea
| ELLE Korea

Of course, when the photos were revealed, it sent the internet into a meltdown after noticing V’s new 6-pack.

Although the images were shocking in themselves, netizens couldn’t get over the transformation of V’s physique over the years. Since debuting, V has always gained love for his “baby tummy” and hasn’t been afraid of sharing pictures of his adorable physique.

BTS’s V posted a shirtless photo in 2022 | @thv

When the images and comparisons were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over the transformation. While many netizens were shocked at how much V has bulked up over the past few years, others shared that they will miss his “baby tummy.”

Of course, V has grown so much over the years, but many didn’t expect to be faced with the reality of his transformation in such an intense and extreme way!

You can read more about V’s transformation seen in his photoshoot below.

BTS V’s Recent “ELLE Korea” Cover Shocks ARMYs After Showing His Unbelievable Transformation Over The Years