BTS’s V Opens Up About Feeling Depressed And His “Turning Point” To Happiness

He talked about the time when he stopped having depressing thoughts, and why.

Even the brightest souls can feel depressed sometimes, but BTS‘s V isn’t letting his down days get the best of him.

In Episode 4 of Break The Silence, V spoke candidly about feeling depressed in the past, and how he went through a positive change while on tour with his members.

“There are times when I get really depressed,” he explained. “when I’m going through difficult times, and when I want someone to hold my hand.”

“Sometimes I’ll think, ‘forget it, I want to be this way.’ I often feel that way.”

“But, when we started the LOVE YOURSELF world tour, I stopped having those thoughts.”

V realized how much his happiness was making his members happy, and that became an important turning point in his life.

Seeing how the members were happy after seeing me be happy, also made me happy. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it was a turning point for me.

— V

The LOVE YOURSELF tour, and the happiness it brought with it, will be cherished for years to come. In a previous Break The Silence episode, Jimin also talked about how happy he was during this time.

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