BTS’s V Is The “Twilight” Saga’s New Vampire Bias

He’s now part of Team Cullen.

“Visual” and “vampire” both begin with V. Coincidence? The Twilight Saga thinks not!

Fans have been casting BTS‘s V as a vampire for years, and it’s easy to see why. He has all the deadly charms…

…and eternal beauty of a fanged seducer.

(Oh, and sometimes he sparkles.)

In Episode 5 of In the SOOP, V showed off his superhuman coordination while playing baseball with his members. When he bounced a bat around like this, it reminded some fans of the baseball scene from the Twilight movie.

Video edits were made, and one of them eventually made it to the official Twilight Saga Twitter account.

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@Twilight retweeted the video, welcoming V to Team Cullen (and their bias list).

V isn’t the only suspected vampire in BTS though. The eternally Worldwide Handsome Jin, who just happens to have a garlic allergy, might also be a vamp in disguise. If he wants to join Team Cullen, however, he’ll need to work on his baseball skills first!