How BTS V Took Over Twitter’s Worldwide Trend


Fans and A.R.M.Y all over the world took part in celebrating BTS V‘s birthday. They celebrated in a wide variety of ways, ranging from donations to charities, to advertisements on buses and billboards.

When V’s 23rd birthday came around on the 30th of December, fans flooded Twitter with sweet birthday messages and special hashtags to celebrate.

These hashtags took over Twitter’s Worldwide Trends, lining up V’s birthday hashtags from 1st right down to 7th.

No need to mention that V was the top trend in Korea too, with the hashtag #겨울에태어난_우리의봄_태형 (Taehyung, our Spring, born in Winter).

What’s more surprising is that V’s hashtag trended in a total of 62 countries, including Canada, Australia, France, and India. Not only that, it was the top trend in 47 countries out of those 62 countries!

One fan celebrated by advertising V’s birthday hashtags, such as #WE_PURPLE_V, at the top of the trending list for 24 hours.

There was also a 15-second commercial celebrating V’s birthday which was aired throughout the week on Mnet, as well as four YouTube ads, three Instagram ads, and many more on Facebook and other social media.

Power of A.R.M.Y!

Source: Segye Ilbo