BTS’s V Has An Unexpected Admirer on “Jinny’s Kitchen” And Her Husband Noticed

“He’s the guy I wanted to see.” 😂

BTS‘s V continues to keep audiences charmed on tvN‘s Jinny’s Kitchen, where he switches the idol life for the life of an intern helping run a small Korean street food restaurant in beautiful Bacalar, Mexico.

“Jinny’s Kitchen” promotional poster.

V has kept viewers and his fellow cast members, actor Lee Seo Jin, actress Jung Yu Mi, and fellow Wooga Squad members, actors Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik, entertained with his charming and naturally funny personality.

Over the course of the past seven episodes, the talented crew has overcome obstacles and interacted with locals, some of which have recognized V.

V’s has had countless memorable moments thanks to fans, including one ARMY who recognized the BTS member on Jinny’s Kitchen and left him a sweet note that made even the global star blush.

In the latest episode, V again had an unexpected admirer.

While V worked in the kitchen, three ladies sat at a table, and one waited eagerly to catch a glimpse of the handsome star. As she waited for him to leave the kitchen, she hilariously shared that her husband thought she looked as happy seeing V as she did on their wedding day. Her iconic response was, “No, this isn’t comparable.

The lady continued to glance toward the kitchen, hoping to see V emerge from the back of the restaurant.

Finally, V walked to the front, and the lady directed her friends’ attention toward him. While the ladies with her may not have been as excited, she couldn’t help from stating how beautiful V was.

The lady was happy just seeing V from afar, and ARMYs couldn’t relate more to the wholesome moment.

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