BTS’s V Makes An Unexpected Appearance At A Noice Event Accompanied By Two Special Guests

After hours of waiting, the idol arrived in style with his ’95 liner friends!

BTS‘s V gained attention after attending a special brand event in Seoul with two special guests!


On September 14, a Korean outlet reported that BTS’s V would be attending the Noice pop-up store in Seoul.

After the announcement, netizens were constantly watching social media to see when he arrived. With the likes of EXO‘s Sehun, Park Seo Joon, and more arriving, fans thought that the chances of V making an appearance were getting less likely.

In particular, while the event was going on earlier in the day, V was chatting with fans on StationHead and spoke about his pre-recorded appearance on M Countdown, which aired after he finished chatting with fans.

After some fans thought V wasn’t going to arrive, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when videos from different fans and outlets shared that the BTS singer had arrived. V was dressed more casually as he made his way through the crowds who definitely couldn’t get enough of the idol.

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Of course, fansites were at the event hoping that the idol would make an appearance and treated ARMYs to some stunning photos of the idol.

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Netizens also noticed that V arrived with two unexpected guests as he was joined by dancers/choreographers Bada Lee and GOF (Lee Do Geon).

| @00wa9wa9/Twitter 

Yet, while it might seem unexpected, V has shared that he’s been with the two dancers, attending dance classes and doing dance challenges with them.

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Videos from the event also show the three having a fun time inside the venue, with a cameo from fellow Wooga Squad member Park Seo Joon.

As always, V is truly a social butterfly and it’s always nice to see him with other people, especially the likes of Bada Lee and Goff who have been with the idol recently.

Source: @00wa9wa9/Twitter