Someone Unexpected “Falls” For BTS V’s Handsome Visuals And Charms During His “W Korea” Photoshoot — Literally

ARMYs relate on an emotional level!

BTS V‘s charms are so intense, and his visuals are so handsome that he made an unexpected victim “fall” for him… literally!

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Twitter

Whether V is on stage, chatting with ARMYs, or on a schedule, the idol never fails to make everyone fall in love with him.

V has been sending the internet into meltdown recently with his photos and interviews for the Korean outlet W Korea.

Along with these beautiful images, netizens loved the photos of V posing with a gecko.

One clip that has been gaining attention saw V posing with the same beautiful yellow gecko. With his slicked-back hair, the gecko seemed perfectly content on V’s head, until he accidentally fell onto the idol’s shoulders.

Rather than making any sudden movements or showing fear, V understood that it was better for the gecko to feel stable. The idol just stood still, and apart from an adorable smile, he remained calm and composed.

Of course, considering that it was a real-life animal, netizens couldn’t get over how professional the idol was, considering that it’s not normal to have a gecko on your head that accidentally falls.

While many netizens couldn’t get over how brave and unshakeable V was in the face of the gecko, others joked how the small animal was actually a representation of ARMYs, falling for V… literally!

The gecko is definitely the envy of ARMYs after being so close to V, but the small creature also felt the impact of the idol’s aura that the animal just couldn’t help but fall for him.

You can read more from the video below.

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Source: W KOREA