BTS’s V Can’t Stop Teasing ARMYs After His Unexpected Weverse Message

He woke up a lot of unprepared ARMYs!

Through social media platforms like Weverse, Instagram, and Twitter, idols are able to update fans, and BTS is no different. ARMYs are always anticipating the next posts from the members and it usually creates waves online.

One person who recently sent the internet crazy with his social media posts was BTS’s V.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, BTS’s V has been quite quiet on social media. On January 9, the idol returned to Instagram and sent the internet into meltdown with some stunning shots.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

Of course, it meant that ARMYs were not going to lower their guard anymore. Yet, it didn’t stop them from having the fright of their lives when V suddenly posted on Weverse (in the middle of the night for many ARMYs), with just the sounds of an evil laugh.

| Weverse

Many ARMYs quickly woke up to see what V was doing, and one fan had the perfect question for such a random post, asking what was so funny.

Rather than answer normally, V just replied, “Did you wake up!” It just seemed to add to the mystery of what was going on in V’s mind when he posted something so random.

| Weverse

The more random the post, the more ARMYs think that the members might be teasing something. So, one ARMY honestly asked, “Oppa (cute way), is this where I should hold my breath until 12 o’clock and wait for something…?” V then seemingly wanted to tease ARMYs some more, replying, “Kekekeke, is it? It would be pretty funny.

| Weverse

After V left Weverse, netizens couldn’t get over the idol teasing fans, pointing out that he had just posted a very random message to wake everyone up and send them into a meltdown by seemingly teasing something and then leaving.

With the photos and now the Weverse posts, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs are always suspicious. It’s just hilarious imagining V just laughing at his phone while watching social media go crazy over his posts.

Source: Weverse