BTS’s V Showcases His Unlimited Talented As J-Hope Spills Major TMI Of Their “On The Street” TikTok Challenge

Is there anything V can’t do?

BTS‘s V might be extremely handsome and one of the most popular idols in the world, but he’s full of so much talent.


Along with being an amazing rich vocalist, he’s a stunning dancer, charismatic actor, and just an amazing person to be around. It seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do.

BTS’s V has always been known for his amazing voice | KBS Kpop/YouTube

He’s also a phenomenal dancer | KBS KPop/YouTube

V also captured hearts in “Hwarang” | KOCOWA/YouTube   

Recently, V proved his skills after some TMI was spilled from his involvement in a TikTok challenge.

BTS’s J-Hope recently released his new track “On The Street,” and it immediately caught the attention of fans worldwide. Like all amazing songs, “On The Street” has its own TikTok challenge. Whether it was fellow BTS members Jimin and Suga

BTS’s Jimin with J-Hope | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok

BTS’s Suga with J-Hope | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

Or appearances from fellow HYBE artists, including members of TXT, NewJeans, and even Lee Hyun, J-Hope has truly been showcasing just how amazing his song is with a TikTok challenge that everyone wants to try.

NewJeans with J-Hope | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok

TXT with J-Hope | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok

Lee Hyun with J-Hope | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

V was one of the latest idols to take part in the “On The Street” challenge with J-Hope. As expected, they both completely aced the video. While J-Hope is officially part of the group’s “dance line,” V could’ve easily joined him and Jimin as he showcased his unreal talent.

The video started unconventionally as the camera slowly panned to the two idols, including V, holding a basketball.

| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok  

After adorably “failing” to get a basket, J-Hope walks up to his younger member, and they have a very touching hug…

| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

Before getting into the challenge and truly showcasing just how epic the song and TikTok challenge is.

| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok       

It wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t get enough of the video, praising both idols’ talent and their chemistry.

| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

If V’s talent wasn’t enough to impress fans, J-Hope’s recent Instagram stories proved just how talented the young idol is. After sharing the video, J-Hope wanted to make sure to praise V as he shared that V had directed and organized the video.

[The] ‘On the street’ challenge that Taehyung personally organized.

— J-Hope

J-Hope also revealed that V had learned and perfectly executed the choreography and the challenge in just five minutes.

 Saying he’d learn in 5 minutes and doing all of it.

— J-Hope

Although idols learn choreography fast, the fact that V not only planned the video but learned the moves so quickly showcases that he’s a true all-rounder with so much talent.

You can read more about J-Hope’s “On The Street” challenge below.

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Source: @bts_official_bighit/TikTok and @uarmyhope/Instagram