BTS’s V Rumored To Vape Juul After Eagle-Eyed Fans Find “Evidence” In Recent Picture

Netizens find alleged evidence to clarify the rumors.

BTS‘s V was accused of vaping a popular electronic cigarette, called Juul, after uploading a photo of his latest artwork.


Eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that a shape at the bottom of the photo looked a lot like a Juul device.


Juul is a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Although some claim it to be less harmful than cigarettes, it contains addictive nicotine.


Netizens began circulating the rumor that V vapes Juul, as some criticized him for smoking, some claimed they’ll start vaping too, and some advocated for him to stop.

“What? Kim Taehyung vapes e-cigs? sh*t” — @bts_Zzo

“Kim Taehyung, you crazy sh*t. Don’t smoke e-cigs in front of Kim Yeontan (V’s dog)” — @lo_ver_bts_ 

“Do you smoke e-cigs, Taehyung? Okay.. I’ll smoke e-cigs from now on. E-cigs are better than regular cigarettes, huh?” — @ducnsrP__

“They say it’s not e-cigs ㅎㅎㅎ😘😘Taehyung, stop smoking. Even if you smoke, stop smoking. Even if you don’t smoke, stop smoking.😘You get old quicker if you smoke😘😘” — @f*ck_you_ARRRMY


On the other hand, ARMYs asserted that the device in V’s photo isn’t actually an e-cigarette. They provided alleged proof that it was something else entirely.

“I saturated it. If these look the same to you, your eyes need to be checked. The e-cig that you guys claim he smokes has a stick right in the middle and is perfectly symmetrical. The shape in V’s photo isn’t symmetrical and looks very different from the e-cig.”



One fan pointed out that the Juul’s center stick is removed from the device when the lid is taken off. They claim that V’s device in the photo didn’t have a lid but still had the stick in the middle, proving that it wasn’t a Juul.

“The e-cig called Juul, that anti-fans are claiming V smokes, is designed to remove the center stick piece from the device when you take off the lid (The above picture shows the e-cig with its lid off).

You can see it on the e-cig reviews and tutorials.”



Others claimed it was just a tool used to hold pastels and chalk when drawing.

“Everyone, Taehyung’s alleged e-cig is just a pastel holder. The photo had a line in it, so it looked similar to a e-cig, but it’s only because the holder was slightly slanted to look like it had a stick. The second photo is a photo of a pastel holder and the third photo is the e-cig.”



Regardless whether V vapes or smokes or not, majority of the netizens are emphasizing that it is V’s private life as an adult and should not be the topic of debate among netizens.

Source: Nate Pann