BTS V’s ‘VCut’ Photos Are So Mesmerizing Fans Wonder If He’s Even Human

Legendary Kim Tae Hyung.

BTS’s V recently shared some captivating photos of himself with the caption ‘vcut’ and had fans questioning if he was even human.

Let’s take a look at these photos up close.

As if that wasn’t enough, he shared more of these cuts on Weverse.

To top it all off, even more photos were revealed in the Weverse Magazine for V’s interview.

How are you lately? You haven’t seen your fans in a long time.

I’m not sad anymore that I can’t show myself to my fans in person. I just want to be able to see ARMYs in a safe environment. I think I can wait until that time comes now.

⁠— V

So you’ve decided to live like your title says about “Life Goes On.”

We have to get through it. We can’t always be having a hard time so we made music and got much better.

⁠— V

“Dynamite” promotions gave a lot of hope and strength to the fans that you couldn’t meet because of COVID-19.

I started feeling down after not being able to see ARMYs for a long time and not holding any concerts. We have to keep fighting for something that seems to have no end. But I wanted to keep fighting and pushing forward together with ARMYs so we started making music and performing on stage again so that I could see a much happier and brighter ARMY. As someone who supports ARMY,  I want to give them strength, but there are not many ways to comfort them.

⁠— V

Source: Weverse Magazine