BTS’s V Is Trending Worldwide And Leaving ARMYs Shook

He’s taking over Twitter with a single selfie.

BTS‘s V is taking over Twitter and shooting fans through the heart at the same time!


When it comes to trending online, “V” stands for “veteran”. V has gone viral many times, for many different reasons, like when he became “The Guy With The Green Hair” at the 2019 Grammy Awards. 


On March 14, V posted this messy-haired selfie with the caption “I also really like RM“.


The caption refers to this tweet that RM made earlier.


V’s visuals were just too much for ARMY to handle!


After only 12 minutes “Kim Taehyung” was trending at number 10 on Twitter. Within 30 minutes, he climbed up to number 3!


V’s striking looks always blow fans away, but there are other (very good, very legitimate) reasons why this particular selfie is taking over Twitter. For one thing, V appears to be shirtless.


For another, this selfie shows V’s trademark duality by contrasting with these photos Naver x Dispatch released for White Day.


Fans have also joked that V has used his shirtless selfie to confess to RM on White Day!


Check out more of V’s photos below!