BTS’s V Nearly Walked Into A Woman—Creating A K-Drama Moment In Real Life

Who else wishes they were her?

BTS‘s is like a real life K-Drama protagonist!

He recently visited the CELINE Tokyo-Omotesando branch re-opening in Japan. Unsurprisingly, he looked breathtaking in a simple denim blue jacket and black leather pants.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

V posed with their bags…

| @thv/Instagram

…looked at the luxury goods on display…

| @thv/Instagram

…and walked around giving interviews.

Besides this, several lucky people were able to be in the same vicinity as him. One of them was so fortunate, in fact, that she had what looked like a K-Drama moment with the K-Pop idol!

This happened when the two almost bumped into each other. V did not see the woman walking his way and narrowly avoided a collision.

The innocent interaction was even more heart throbbing in slow motion, and it was not unlike many scenes on television.

tvN’s Goblin

The woman could be seen smiling as a result of what happened—and we don’t blame her!

With how gorgeous V looked in person, it’s no surprise that she was amazed as well. Seeing his world-renowned visuals up close would take anyone’s breath away.

One thing is certain: she was one lucky girl!

Source: Instagram
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