Artist Captures The Beauty Of BTS’s V Through Watercolor Paintings

Jung Hun Sung perfectly recreated the BTS member’s portrait.

It seems that BTS’s V has the visuals to become an artist’s muse, as watercolor paintings of the idol have been gaining attention for their realism and beauty.

The artist, Jung Hun Sung, revealed two paintings of the BTS member on his social media. He even uploaded a YouTube video that shows the process of completing one of the artworks.

Watercolor painting of BTS’s V | j.hunsung/Instagram

Viewers have expressed admiration at the artist’s ability to perfectly capture every attractive feature of V’s face, including his large eyes, sharp nose, and the more apparent double eyelid in one of his eyes. The subtle expression that Jung Hun Sung chose to paint was also complimented, as it left a lingering impression on those appreciating the piece.

The second painting, which was done for his daughter, shows V’s profile, and has a sweeter atmosphere due to his doll-like appearance.

Watercolor painting of BTS’s V | j.hunsung/Instagram

V has mentioned before that he receives musical inspiration by appreciating his favorite art, and it appears as though he, too, is an inspiration to other artists.

The awe-inspiring watercolor process can be viewed below.

Source: Naver and Imaeil